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Actualités dans d'autres langues sur S&P/TSX COMPOSITE INDEX
21/01Canada Stocks Take 3 Days of Losses To Total of 650 Pts
21/01TSX BRIEF : Recovered About 45 Pts Over Last Hour, But Still Set To Close Down Near 435 Pt..
21/01TSX BRIEF : Among Stocks Here, Shopify Was Down 13%; Comes As Business Insider Says Co Ove..
21/01TSX BRIEF : Among Heavyweight Sectors, Energy Was Down 2.9%, Materials Down 2.55% and Fina..
21/01TSX BRIEF : Adding to Near 220 Pts Lost Over Prior Two Sessions; Comes As Investor Jeremy ..
21/01TSX BRIEF : Enters Last Hour of Friday Trade Down Near 480 Pts or 2.275% Amid Lower Commod..
21/01TSX BRIEF : Down 333 Points With All Sectors in The Red Energy (3.9%), Miners (-2.86%) Po..
21/01BMO's Markets Wrap
21/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Futures Pointing Lower With S&P Down About 0.45% and NASDAQ Down 0.8% an..
20/01Canada Stocks Close Down Near 150 Pts, More Than 300 Pts Off Morning Highs; Includes Co..
20/01TSX BRIEF : Set To Close Down 150 Pts, More Than 300 Pts Off Morning Highs and Adding to 7..
20/01TSX BRIEF : Among Sectors, Materials Down 1% After Strong Gains Wednesday, Energy Down 0.1..
20/01TSX BRIEF : Resources Heavy Index Not Helped By Lower Commodity Prices
20/01TSX BRIEF : Enters Last Hour of Thursday Trade Down a Modest 20-plus Pts, But 200 Pts Off ..
20/01TSX BRIEF : up 124 Points With Healthcare (+2.5%), Info Tech (+2.3%), Leading Gains; Miner..
20/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Bloomberg TV Notes S&P Energy Index Up 16% Year To Date Vs STOXX Europe ..
20/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Futures Pointing Higher With S&P Up 0.55% and NASDAQ, After Near 10% Fal..
19/01Canada Stocks Take Two Day Losses To About 335 Pts; But First Majestic and Pan American..
19/01TSX BRIEF : More Than Doubled Its Losses Over the Last Hour, Set To Close Down 75 Pts, Des..
19/01TSX BRIEF : In Materials, Silver Stocks In Goid Medal Position, With First Majestic Up 13%
19/01TSX BRIEF : Among Sectors, Materials Up More Than 4%; But Financials Down 1.25% and Info T..
19/01TSX BRIEF : Losses May Be Capped For Resources Heavy Index With Both Oil and Gold Prices U..
19/01TSX BRIEF : Enters Last Hour of Wednesday Trade Down 30 Pts, In Negative Territory For a S..
19/01TSX BRIEF : Down 92 Points With Healthcare (-1.9%), Financials (-1.5%), The Biggest Declin..
19/01TSX BRIEF : Comes After Largest Percentage Slide So Far In 2022 For TSX On Tuesday; Leaves..
19/01TSX BRIEF : Up Near 50 Pts. Buoyed By Higher Commodity Prices and Some Bargain Buying
19/01Statistics Canada on December's CPI Data
19/01BRIEF : Canada's December Non-Seasonally Adjusted CPI Decine Was The First Since December ..
19/01BRIEF : Canada's December Seasonally Adjusted CPI at 0.3% M/M; Non-Seasonally Adjusted CPI..
19/01BRIEF : Canada's December CPI Excluding Gasoline at 4.0% Y/Y
19/01BRIEF : Canada's December CPI at 4.8% Y/Y; MUFG Says Consensus Was for 4.8% Y/Y
19/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Bloomberg TV Notes There Has Been A Near 40 Basis Points Move In 2 Yr, 1..
19/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Futures Pointing Modestly Higher With S&P Up About 0.1% and NASDAQ (Whic..
18/01Canada Stocks Lose 260 Pts To Cancel Out Two Days of Gains; Wells Fargo "Favors" US Equ..
18/01TSX BRIEF : Set To Close Down Near 265 Pts, Cancelling Out Gains Made Over Prior Two Sessi..
18/01TSX BRIEF : Among Sectors, Info Tech Down More Than 4%, Financials Down 1% and Energy Down..
18/01TSX BRIEF : Enters Last Hour of Tuesday Trade Down Near 250 Pts, Negating Gains Made Over ..
18/01TSX BRIEF : Tech Stocks Across North America As Investors Move Away From Growth Stocks; He..
18/01TSX BRIEF : Down 207 Points With Info Tech (-2.1%), Industrials (-1.98%), The Biggest Decl..
18/01TSX BRIEF : Comes After Index Gained Near 250 Pts Over Prior Two Sessions, Which Took It B..
18/01TSX BRIEF : Down Near 200 Pts, Led By Tech Stocks As North America Investors Again Move Ou..
18/01BMO's Markets Wrap
18/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Futures Pointing Lower With S&P Down 1.2%
17/01TSX BRIEF : Among Sectors, Energy Was Up 1.25%, Financials Up 1.15% and Info Tech Up 0.9%
17/01TSX BRIEF : Resources Heavy TSX Also Buoyed By Gold, Up 0.1% at US$1,818.90
17/01TSX BRIEF : TSX Up Near 250 Pts Over Last Two Session, Boosted By Higher Commodities With ..
17/01TSX BRIEF : Set To Close Up Near 170 Pts, Adding to 65 Pts Gained Friday and Takes Index B..
17/01Bank of Canada Business Outlook Survey for Q4 2021
17/01BRIEF : Bank of Canada Q4 BOS Says Wages Increasing as Firms Plan to Hire in Tighter Labor..
17/01BRIEF : Bank of Canada Q4 BOS Says Strength in Demand Has Broadened; Capacity Pressures Ar..
17/01BRIEF : Bank of Canada Q4 BOS Reports Supply Chain Disruptions Are Elevated
17/01BRIEF : Bank of Canada Q4 Business Outlook Survey Says Labor Markets Continue to Tighten
17/01TSX BRIEF : up 108 Points With Energy (+1%), Financials (+0.9%), The Biggest Gainers; Heal..
17/01TSX BRIEF : Up Near 40 Pts, Adding to 65 Pts Gained Friday; Takes Overall Gains For Index ..
17/01Update to BMO's Markets Wrap; Asia Trade, Including China
17/01BMO's Markets Wrap; US and Canada
17/01STOCKS BRIEF : US Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Today; Stoxx Europe 600 Up 0.6%
14/01Canada Stocks Gain 65 Pts Today, Having Spent Most of Session In Negative Territory
14/01TSX BRIEF : Set To Gain 65 Pts After Only Turning Positive For the Day Over the Last Hour;..
14/01TSX BRIEF : Among Heavyweight Sectors, Energy Up More Than 1% and Financials Up About 0.1%..
14/01TSX BRIEF : Has Just Turned Slightly Higher, Buoyed By Higher Oil and Energy Stocks
14/01TSX BRIEF : Enters Last Hour of Friday Trade Flat To Lower, Down Just Single Digits, Havin..
14/01TSX BRIEF : Down Another Near 100 Pts, Matching Thursday's Losses and Taking Overall Index..
14/01BMO Markets Wrap
14/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Day Direction May Come In Earnings Results Due From JPMorgan Chase, Well..
14/01US STOCKS BRIEF : Futures Mixed At End of Week Showing Modest Overall Losses, With S&P Up ..
13/01Canada Stocks Lose 100 Pts To End Mini Rally; National Bank Overweight in Equities, Pre..
13/01TSX BRIEF : Lost Near 80 Pts Over Final Hour, Set To Close Down About 100 Pts On Lower Com..
13/01National Bank of Canada Monthly Equity Monitor For January 2022
13/01TSX BRIEF : Among Sectors, Info Tech Down 4.6% and Materials Down 0.7%; But Financials Up ..
13/01TSX BRIEF : Among Tech Stocks, Shopify Down Near 8% and Lightspeed Down 2.5%
13/01TSX BRIEF : Enters Last Hour of Thursday Trade Down About 25 Pts On Lower Commodity Prices..
13/01TSX BRIEF : Down 5 Points With Info Tech (-1.02%), Healthcare (-1%), The Biggest Decliners..
13/01TSX BRIEF : Thursday Early Gains Takes Overall Index Gains For So Far In 2022 To Near 1%; ..
13/01TSX BRIEF : At Least 3 Bay Street Firms (BMO, CIBC and TD) Have Lifted Their Target Prices..
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S&P/TSX Composite index : Graphique analyse technique S&P/TSX Composite index | TSEC | XC0009695252 | Zone bourse
Tendances analyse technique S&P/TSX COMPOSITE INDEX
Court TermeMoyen TermeLong Terme
LIFEWORKS INC.27.71 Cours en différé.1.95%
BAUSCH HEALTH COMPANIES INC.31.55 Cours en différé.1.19%
FORTIS INC.58.95 Cours en différé.1.06%
BORALEX INC.32.32 Cours en différé.1.00%
CONSTELLATION SOFTWARE INC.2062.57 Cours en différé.0.98%
MAG SILVER CORP.18.92 Cours en différé.-7.71%
BOMBARDIER INC.1.55 Cours en différé.-8.28%
HEXO CORP.0.66 Cours en différé.-8.33%
TURQUOISE HILL RESOURCES LTD.19.42 Cours en différé.-8.78%
SHOPIFY INC.1110.4 Cours en différé.-13.40%
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