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Fonds positionnés sur CRÉDIT AGRICOLE S.A.
NomPositionPEA1er JanNotation
Investir PEA Palatine0.47M EURNON12.00%

ETFs positionnés sur CRÉDIT AGRICOLE S.A.ETFs et Trackers avec Trackinsight
ETF PoidsVar. 5joursRatingGéographie
IShares EURO STOXX Banks 30-15 (DE) - EUR3.98%2.66%Europe
Lyxor EURO STOXX Banks (DR) - Acc - EUR3.97%2.36%Europe
IShares STOXX Europe 600 Banks (DE) - EUR2.11%0.97%Europe
IndexIQ Factors Sustainable EMU Equity - EUR1.11%1.88%-NC
IShares MSCI Europe Financials Sector Acc...0.89%1.66%-NC
SPDR MSCI Europe Financials - EUR0.89%1.61%Europe
Xtrackers CAC 40 - EUR0.88%2.32%France
Lyxor CAC 40 (DR) - Dist - EUR0.88%2.43%France
Lyxor CAC 40 (DR) - Dist - EUR0.88%-1.34%France
Lyxor CAC 40 (DR) - Acc - EUR0.88%2.30%-France
BNP Paribas Easy CAC 40 - D - EUR0.88%2.31%France
AMUNDI CAC 40 DR (C) - EUR0.87%2.42%France
AMUNDI CAC 40 DR (D) - EUR0.87%2.35%France
IShares MSCI Europe Financials ETF - USD0.84%3.14%Europe
IShares MSCI France - EUR0.78%2.22%France
Franklin FTSE France ETF - USD0.7%0.44%-France
IShares EURO Total Market Growth Large - EUR0.7%0.93%Europe
IShares MSCI France ETF - USD0.69%0.58%France
IndexIQ Factors Sustainable Europe Equity ...0.68%1.29%-Europe
AMUNDI INDEX MSCI EMU - DR - C - EUR0.5%2.56%-Europe
AMUNDI INDEX MSCI EMU - DR - D - EUR0.5%2.39%-Europe
Lyxor MSCI EMU Value (DR) - Dist - EUR0.49%2.52%Europe
UBS ETF - MSCI EMU Value A-dis - EUR0.48%0.71%Europe
IShares FTSEurofirst 80 - EUR0.43%0.03%Europe
Lyxor S&P Eurozone Paris-Aligned Climate (...0.37%1.44%-Europe
Xtrackers MSCI Europe ESG 1C - Acc - EUR0.33%1.93%-Europe
IShares MSCI EMU Large Cap - EUR0.33%1.95%Europe
Lyxor Core EURO STOXX 300 (DR) - - Acc - EUR0.27%1.95%Europe
Lyxor Core EURO STOXX 300 (DR) - Dist - EUR0.27%1.83%Europe
IShares EURO STOXX (DE) - EUR0.27%1.76%Europe
IShares Core MSCI EMU (Acc) - EUR0.27%1.70%Europe
IShares Core MSCI EMU Distributing - GBP ...0.27%1.72%-Europe
IShares Core MSCI EMU - Accumulating - US...0.27%1.78%-Europe
IShares Core MSCI EMU (Dist) - EUR0.27%0.00%Europe
Lyxor MSCI Europe ESG Leaders (DR) - Acc ...0.27%1.92%-Europe
Xtrackers MSCI EMU 1D - EUR0.26%1.87%Europe
Xtrackers MSCI EMU 2C (GBP Hedged) - GBP0.26%1.71%-Europe
Lyxor Core MSCI EMU (DR) - Dist - EUR0.26%1.82%Europe
Lyxor Core MSCI EMU (DR) - Acc - EUR0.26%1.91%-Europe
BNP Paribas Easy MSCI EMU ex CW - C - EUR0.26%1.93%Europe
Xtrackers MSCI EMU 1C (USD Hedged) - USD0.26%1.86%-Europe
Xtrackers MSCI EMU 3C (CHF hedged) - CHF0.26%0.12%-Europe
SPDR MSCI EMU - EUR0.26%1.87%Europe
Invesco FTSE RAFI Europe Dist - EUR0.26%2.20%Europe
UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI EMU Cyclical A-d...0.26%0.00%Europe
IShares MSCI EMU CHF Hedged - CHF0.26%0.14%Europe
IShares MSCI EMU USD Hedged (Acc) - USD0.26%1.83%Europe
UBS ETF - MSCI EMU A-dis - EUR0.26%1.80%Europe
UBS ETF - MSCI EMU (EUR) A-acc - EUR0.26%0.27%Europe
1  2  3Suiv.

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Crédit Agricole S.A. : Graphique analyse technique Crédit Agricole S.A. | ACA | FR0000045072 | Zone bourse
Evolution du Compte de Résultat
Recommandation moyenne ACHETER
Nombre d'Analystes 22
Objectif de cours Moyen 13,70 €
Dernier Cours de Cloture 12,87 €
Ecart / Objectif Haut 34,3%
Ecart / Objectif Moyen 6,45%
Ecart / Objectif Bas -40,2%
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