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Fonds positionnés sur NOVARTIS
NomPEA1er Jan5 ansNotationPosition
BNY Mellon Glbl Rl Ret (EUR) X AccNON6.00%16.00%59.52M EUR
BNY Mellon Global Real Ret (GBP) X AccNON8.00%8.00%NC1.27M GBP
Capital Group Eurp Gr&Inc Fd(LUX)ZAccSGDNON12.00%25.00%18.32M EUR
CPR Invest Europe Spec Situations I AccNON10.00%0.00%NC1.1M EUR
DPAM Capital B Equities Europe Idx F CapNON13.00%23.00%15.62M EUR
DWS Invest II Eurp Top Div LDNON9.00%17.00%10.64M EUR
DWS Top Dividende LDNON11.00%45.00%117.08M EUR
FP CRUX European Special Sit I Acc GBPNON14.00%45.00%11.4M GBP
GAM Star Continental Eurp Eq EUR AccNON16.00%31.00%45.44M EUR
GAM Star European Equity EUR AccNON16.00%28.00%8.12M EUR
Invesco Continental Eur Eq A EUR ADNON7.00%12.00%NC1.69M EUR
Invesco Global Equity Income Z USD AccNON11.00%38.00%67.5M USD
Invesco Pan European Eq Inc A EUR AccNON8.00%16.00%1.17M EUR
Invesco Pan European Hi Inc A EUR AccNON6.00%15.00%74.84M EUR
Investec GSF Glb Endur Eq C Inc-2IRDZARHNON14.00%0.00%NC16.53M ZAR
Investec GSF Glb Qual Eq Inc S Inc USDNON16.00%79.00%7.85M USD
IShares Europe Equity Index (LU) X2 EURNON14.00%28.00%8.31M EUR
IShares Europe ex-UK Idx (IE) Flex Acc€NON14.00%32.00%75.77M EUR
M&G (Lux) Eurp Strat Val CI EUR AccNON8.00%21.00%NC67.79M EUR
M&G (Lux) Glb Dividend A EUR AccNON12.00%36.00%NC90M EUR
M&G European Index Tracker Euro A AccNON14.00%30.00%2.86M EUR
M&G European Select Euro A AccNON15.00%25.00%1.88M EUR
Neuberger Berman Sysmc Glb Eq ERU M AccNON8.00%0.00%NC0.29M EUR
Nordea 1 - European Focus Equity BP EURNON17.00%0.00%1.11M EUR
Pictet-Europe Index I EURNON13.00%25.00%135.84M EUR
Schroder ISF Global Eq Alp C Acc USDNON13.00%57.00%33.11M USD
Schroder ISF Global Eq I Acc USDNON15.00%72.00%6.9M USD
Schroder ISF QEP Glb ActvVal I Acc USDNON9.00%42.00%10M USD
Schroder ISF QEP Glbl Qual I Acc USDNON14.00%67.00%8.29M USD
Schroder ISF QEP Glbl Val Pl A Acc USDNON5.00%24.00%0.76M USD
Schroder ISF Swiss Eq Opports A Acc CHFNON13.00%26.00%3.24M CHF
Schroder ISF Swiss Equity A Acc CHFNON14.00%36.00%0.56M CHF
SEB LI Schroder Intl Sel Global Eq USDNON14.00%56.00%NC6.9M USD
Swiss Life (LUX) Pf Glb Gr (CHF) RNON12.00%28.00%117.08M CHF
Swisscanto (LU) PF Rspnb Ambt(CHF)AT CHFNON8.00%27.00%1.07M CHF
Swisscanto (LU) PF Rspnb Ambt(EUR)AT EURNON7.00%25.00%0.74M EUR
Swisscanto (LU) PF Rspnb Bal(CHF) AA CHFNON6.00%23.00%117.08M CHF
Swisscanto (LU) PF Rspnb Foc(CHF) AT CHFNON9.00%36.00%0.74M CHF
Swisscanto (LU) PF Rspnb Sel(CHF) AA CHFNON5.00%18.00%20.62M CHF
UBAM Swiss Equity IC CHFNON19.00%55.00%117.08M CHF
UBS (Lux) KSS Glbl Allc (EUR) PNON8.00%10.00%3.54M EUR
UBS (Lux) SF Equity (CHF) P-accNON11.00%28.00%11.54M CHF

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Graphique NOVARTIS
Durée : Période :
Novartis : Graphique analyse technique Novartis | NOVN | CH0012005267 | Zone bourse
Evolution du Compte de Résultat
Recommandation moyenne ACCUMULER
Nombre d'Analystes 27
Objectif de cours Moyen 89,7 $
Ecart / Objectif Moyen 3,0%
Révisions de BNA
Secteur et Concurrence
Var. 1janvCapitalisation (M$)
NOVARTIS17.44%219 832
JOHNSON & JOHNSON8.32%368 655
PFIZER-3.96%233 239
ROCHE HOLDING LTD.11.42%233 096
ABBVIE-13.16%118 355